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Eileen Kramer


Eileen Kramer


At 107 years of age continues to create dances, stories, costumes and lms, even in the midst of Covid lockdowns. Her tenacity and creativity shine through this dicult time.

In conversation with long time collaborator Sue Healey, Eileen will reveal ideas about longevity of practice and what drives her to keep creating.

Eileen, (born 1914) is an Australian dancer, artist, performer, and choreographer. Kramer began by studying singing and music in Sydney in the 1930s, but after attending a performance of the Bodenwieser Ballet in 1940, immediately decided on a career change to dance. She eventually became a member of the company touring Australia and overseas. She then lived and worked in India, France and the United States for the next 60 years, before returning to Australia where she remains active in the arts. Her recent lms with Sue Healey include 'Lady of the Horizon' (2020) and The God Tree' (2021).

Sue Healey is a Sydney-based choreographer, film-maker and installation artist. Experimenting with form and perception, Healey creates dance for diverse spaces and contexts: galleries, theatres and screens. Her current major work, On View, is a multi-tiered film installation and performance, produced by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority in Hong Kong, and Aichi Arts Centre, Nagoya, Japan 2017-2020. Sue was a 2018 finalist in the 65th Blake Prize and a 2017 finalist in the Digital Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery Australia.  Sue has won 6 Australian Dance Awards for Dance on Film/New Media and for Independent Dance. She was recently awarded a Hong Kong Dance Award for Best Visual Design (On View: Hong Kong) in 2018.  

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