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Go BOLD Gently

8.30-9.30am, 8th March

Canberra Museum and Gallery

Empowering women on International Women's Day 2024, in their health and wellness through the practice of yoga and meditation. Led by Liz Wensing

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BOLD Launch

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11am, 8th March

Canberra Museum and Gallery


Join us at the Canberra Museum and Gallery as our Patron Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, OAM, launches BOLD Bites and there will be performances from QL2 Dance, the Chamaeleon Collective, Apsaras Arts, All of a Sudden and Vilaisan Campbell.

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A BOLD Critique

5-6.15pm, 8th March

National Film and Sound Archive


Join us for a timely conversation about arts criticism and its place in the sector. What are the responsibilities of a critic? Who are they writing for? What kind of criticism does the sector need? Who should be offering it? Award winning arts writers and critics Dr Michelle Potter, AM and Emma Batchelor will navigate these issues followed by an open discussion with the audience. 

BOLD Moves

6.30-7.15pm, 8th March

National Film and Sound Archive

An insight into the foundations of Mirramu on Lake Weerewa and how Elizabeth has found inspiration from nature to continue to create and inspire as a prequel to the premier of her new film, Lake Song, directed by Sue Healey and featuring Canberra Dance Theatre's GOLD Company.


A BOLD Vision

7.30-8.40pm, 8th March

National Film and Sound Archive

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To celebrate International Women's Day we are hosting a screening of ACT based and connected female dance film makers and directors.

Featuring films from the Chamaeleon Collective, QL2 Dance, Natsuko Yonezawa, Nerida Matthaei and The Stellar Company and the premiere of Lake Song, Directed by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM and Sue Healey.

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BOLD Roamers

7-8.30pm, 8th March


An Enlighten Illuminations Roving Performance - lights, camera, sequins and action!

The Body Politic

10-11.30pm, 9th March


QL2 Dance Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre

A workshop facilitated by Tammi Gissell will explore the power of connection to country, self and identity through the lense of LGBTQI+ experience. An empowering, meditative and revealing opportunity to claim space and power of self.

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The 9 Rasas

12-1pm, 9th March


QL2 Dance Studio, Gorman Arts Centre

This workshop will focus on a unique aspect of the classical Indian dance form Bharata Natyam. Explore Abhinaya techniques (facial movements, hand gestures and body language) used for story-telling and acting.


Lasting / Maireannach (in Gaelic)

2-5pm, 9th March

QL2 Dance Studio, Gorman Arts Centre

What it means to be a respected elder in the community and how that translates into dance. The Lasting workshop will be like an extended informal dance class with a few cultural insights and a tale or two led by Morag Deyes.


Drop and Weave

4-5pm, 9th March


QL2 Theatre foyer, Gorman Arts Centre

A Weaving workshop led by dancers for the community – share stories, creativity and connection while we learn the principles of weaving

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A BOLD Sharing

5.15-5.45pm, 9th March

Gorman Arts Centre Gardens

A sharing of professional and community dance of all generations from Project Dust, the Chamaeleon Collective and Australian Dance Party featuring some of Australia's youngest dancers!

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A BOLD Burlesque Breakfast

10am-12pm, 10th March

Canberra Dance Theatre


Slip into your inner showstar- the line, the style, the presence! Old school glamour, choreography and 'working the line' will be the focus of this workshop. Bring heels, a cheeky smile and a plate and stay while for a bite to eat, glass of bubbles and general laughter and love.


A BOLD Legacy

7.30-8.30pm, 9th March

QL2 Dance Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre

A BOLD Conversation - Ruth Osborne, OAM in conversation with Bill Stephens, OAM, talking all things legacy, dance, nature and the future.



6-7pm, 9th March


QL2 Dance Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre

Morag Deyes, OBE, in conversation with Dr Michelle Potter, AM, with a focus on the power of lasting, connecting, cultural connectivity and community. 


The BOLD Cake Off!

5-6pm, 9th March

QL2 Dance Theatre foyer, Gorman Arts Centre

Bake baby bake. Then bring your baking and we will not judge but instead share with community and tea.

Online Offerings

from 10am AEST, 8-10th March

Tammi Gissell shares her experiences and experience as a First Nations artist presenting and working in  colonial institutions using dance and art

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