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A BOLD Indulgence

2nd, 4th & 5th March 9-10:30 AEST    |    ONLINE

A unique opportunity to take a yoga workshop series with the legendary Narelle Benjamin

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Shifting Lines

3rd March 7.15pm-8.15pm    |    ONLINE

Transform your human form into beautiful abstractions

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Fine Lines

2nd March, 11am-12.30pm    |    IN PERSON

Dance class for the mature body and mind with Katrina Rank

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Taste Hilal

5th March 9.30-10.50am    |    IN PERSON

An introduction to the meditative movement of Hilal

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Tango in the Tropics

3rd March 6-7pm    |   ONLINE

A workshop focusing on the embellishments and musicality of Argentine tango.


Kag Lab

5th March 11am-12.20pm    |    IN PERSON

A taste of the Torres Strait style mixed in with contemporary dance.

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5th March 12.30-1.50pm    |    IN PERSON

A workshop for dancers of all abilities


Bellydance Lab

5th March  2-3.30pm    |    ONLINE

Bellydance Lab - join an intensive workshop that focuses on musicality, expression and creation in relation to the music of Bellydance


Contemporary Indian Dance

6th March 10.30am-12pm AEST    |    ONLINE

This workshop marries Bharata Natyam with contemporary dance and martial arts.

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Move Your Own Way

6th March 12-1pm    |    ONLINE

A Soft Sunday invitation to move in connection with live Music

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Body in Motion  

6th March 1-2pm    |    ONLINE

A workshop for Seniors led by Seniors and dancers of mixed abilities

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Flash MOB!

5th March 12.30-1.50pm    |    IN PERSON

A workshop for dancers of all abilities


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