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Go BOLD Gently

8.30-9.30am 8th March   |    CMAG

Health and wellness through the practice of yoga and meditation


The 9 Rasas

12-1pm 9th March    |  QL2 Dance Theatre

A focus on the unique aspect of bharatanatyam - abhinaya techniques (facial movements, hand gestures and body language)

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The Body Politic

10-12pm March 9    |    QL2 Studio

Explore the power of connection to country, self and identity


Drop and Weave

4-5pm 9th March    |  QL2 Dance Theatre

Drop in, drop everything and join a relaxed weaving circle led by dancers for dancers


Lasting / Maireannach

2-5pm, 9th March    |    QL2 Studio

What it means to be a respected elder in the community and how that translates into dance.

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BOLD Burlesque Breakfast

10-12pm 10th March    |  Canberra Dance Theatre

Slip into your inner showgirl - the line, the style, the presence! 



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